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Nowadays Windows is a widely used OS dominating on PC, so most of my recent projects are for Windows. None of them is tied to a specific version of Windows and will work fine in any environment whether 9x systems or NT clone. Some of these projects made in English, others are in Russian. Projects in Russian are explicitly marked.

WSZView is a Winamp skin viewer for Total Commander's Lister. If you don't know what Total Commander is or what Winamp is you should see them! Links to sites containing these great products are also included in that page.

Text formatter for Casio PV100 PV100 Bookreader and Password finder for Casio PV100 PV100 UnPsw are designed to make your life with Casio PV100 easier. The first one allows you to use it as a handy book reader, the second will help you if you have forgotten a password to the secret area of PV-100.

Projects concerning Decision Support Systems (DSS) (i.e. PickHelper and DSS Models) were made for the education process support in BSUIR, so they are in Russian. The primary goal of these two projects is to demonstrate internals of algorithms used in Decision Support Systems.

Swift proxy finder (file parser) ProxyGrepper is a special filter, which allows you to put garbaged files as input and get clean plain text file as output. The output will contain addresses, which seems to be proxies. This program is the fastest one in its class.

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