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PV-100 Unpassworder

PV-100 Unpassworder

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This program is free software provided on "AS IS" basis, details see in license. It extracts forgotten password to Secret Area of Casio's (R) PV-100 Pocket Viewer. It requires a backup file produced by standard sync program PCSync(TM) by Casio(R). Of course it should be a backuped with forgotten password. You can make it at any time using PCSync, even after you have forgotten password. Just follow the next menus in PCSync: CASIO->Backup->Recieve.

I assume it also will work with backups of other models from the same line: PV-200, PV-400, PV-450 although I have not tested it with any of them.

This program uses standard ascii table for symbols in range 0-128. Symbols in range 128-255 represented according to RUSSIAN version. Sorry, I have no idea about the symbols layout in other languages and even cannot assume: layout is highly non-standard.

License agreement

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