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PickHelper: DSS based on Analityc Hierarchy Process (Russian)

PickHelper (Russian)
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PickHelper is a Decision Support System based on Analityc Hierarchy Process (AHP). AHP is a famous method designed by T.Saaty, an expert in Decision Sypport Systems (DSS). This method is used in situations where it is hard to find a useful model to solve a task. Sometimes such tasks are called semistructured. The math background of the method is complicated enough, but I'll try to describe it in simple words.

The main idea of the method is to construct an influence diagram. To do that user breaks task onto levels and items (with similar properties) in the levels. Global goal put at the top level of the hierarchy. The items, importance of which user needs to determine, put into bottom level of the hierarchy. All other levels reside between these two required levels.

For example very common and typical structure for tasks solved using AHP is 3-level structure: Goal - Criteria - Alternatives. The classical task used as example is car choosing process (proposed as example by T.Saaty). In this task a user need to choose a car (the first and only item in the first level). To do that user has various criterion: cost, fuel consumption, durability, prestigiousness, simplicity of control, etc. (these are items for a second level). And of course user have some alternatives to choose from BMW model_1, Audi model_2, Toyota model_3, etc. (items for level 3).

Screenshots for similar task are pictured below. The difference of the task shown on the pictures is that it has 4 levels (the 2nd from top level is called Actors, i.e. there are many sides interested in this project, and importance of criteria defined from their points of view).

PS The interface language of this program is Russian.

Figure 1. The hierarchical task representation.

Figure 2. Item description window.

Figure 3. Detecting importance of items for level 3 "Critera" relatively item D3 of level 2

Figure 4. Detecting importance of items for level 4 "Alternatives" relatively item K3 of level 3

Figure 5. Final ranking of alternatives

Complete report to task shown on figures


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