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At this page I put my projects which are in development, and can have stable practical output. They just still need some features to be implemented and may be packaging etc.

The Manga idea is most interesting to me (and I believe to the Internet society as well). The goal of this idea is "stop spam". I believe to found a weak point in a spam-mail system, which can be used to defeat spam, in principle. Unfortunately, I have no time now to bring the idea to project stage. I'll publish the materials concerning the idea and start passing ideas wreckage point (see FUSSP list) as soon as possible.

Magic Cube this is a funny test project. Long time ago, as a child, I have played with this charming toy. Sometimes I succeed to solve the cube, mostly I've not. Later I've got a solution algorithm (these were copy of pages from Soviet's "Science and Life" magazine). Much later as I was learning OpenGL. I've started this project to make the education process easier. What came out you can see at Magic Cube page.

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