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Personal Information

Current position

I work as a software developer and a system administrator in Belorussian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) for several years. My major activity is software and hardware maintenance, although I am also involved in all stages of the software life cycle: requirements analysis, development and design, implementation and maintenance.

I develop software for universitys internal applications. Due to diversity of tasks, various programming languages are used. For instance, Matser Boot Record Chooser have been developed using Assembler and Borland C for DOS. FITUPLAN-M (last project I have handled) extensively uses Microsoft Office integration: it involves Microsoft Access as core component, which controls the work of Word and Excel subsystems.

In year 2007 I was lucky to join to the software development support team managing endpoint security product at Check Point.

Personal data


  • English
  • Russian (native)


  • 1987-1993: School
  • 1993-1995: School with advanced study of mathematics
  • 1995-2000: Student at BSUIR in Faculty of Information Technologies and Control
  • June 2000: System analyst engineer Honours Degree (First-class Diploma) at BSUIR in a specialty "Automated Systems Of Data Processing And Control"
  • 2005-2006: Correspondent student at MA Course at BSUIR in FITC
  • 18-20.02.2008: Student at workshop "Windows Kernel Mode Security Software Course" by T.Roy, Codemachine, Minsk
  • 17-19.08.2008 Student at workshop "Creating Logo Compliance Setup. Using Windows Installer Service" by Gad J. Meir, IDAG Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 19-22.01.2009 Student at workshop "Windows Kernel Internals. Kernel Architecture and Device Driver Implementation in 2000/XP/Vista/beyond" by Jonathan Levin, Check Point, Minsk

Fields of interest

Although I like almost anything concerning the information technology, my favorites are learning, understanding, as well as developing and debugging of protocols and software in the following fields:

  • Network environment (TCP/IP)
  • E-Mail
  • Security + cryptography


Projects at BSUIR

  • Maintenance and extension of several systems for educational process support at BSUIR
  • Actively take part in extension of corporate-wide student management system
  • Design and development of decision support system based on analytic hierarchy process for educational purposes (used for some years, now closed). See PickHelper project
  • Set of 10 templates which implements various DSS algorithms for educational purposes (made in Excel and VBA)
  • Idea, design, implementation and maintenance of low-level protection system (written in C and Assembler)
  • Idea, design and compilation of networked boot disk (invaluable to restore systems via network)

Projects at Check Point

  • Support software developer (centrally managed endpoint security client, C++, assembler)
  • Support software developer (centrally management security server, java)

Products of My Own

Site contains some of my projects worthy to note. Completed projects you can find at projects page. Projects are still in development stage, but already have stable practical output placed at ideas page.

  • GLCube: my most fancy project written in C++ using OpenGL (theoretically portable under unix)
  • WSZView: extension to C.Ghisler's Total Commander file manager
  • CASText: the project turning my CASIO PV-100 organizer into a handy bookreader
  • EVA and Replacer: boot diskette extensions

Programming Languages

  • C, C++ (good practical knowledge with strong OOP theory: classes, exception handling and templates)
  • Assembler (Intel x86)
  • Visual Basic (MS Office VBA)
  • Pascal in Delphi and in Borland Pascal for DOS
  • SQL
  • Diverse dialects of Basic and scripting languages


  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL
  • MSSQL (sketchy)
  • Interbase (sketchy)
  • Lotus Notes (non-relational database, user level)

Operating systems

  • Windows (3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista)
  • MSDOS (including networking using MS client)
  • Linux (user level, installation process also)
  • Mac OS 7.5 basics (beginner level)
  • ZX Spectrum (built-in basic, assembler, hardcoding)


  • Windows API (base services, GDI, sockets, etc.)
  • Office automation
  • OpenGL
  • Internet technologies TCP/IP, DNS, SSL, FTP, HTTP, HTML, CGI, PHP, etc.
  • E-mail technologies: SMTP, POP3, IMAP
  • Disk internals: FAT, NTFS
  • and more

Applications and Tools

  • Microsoft Visual Studio (Visual C++ and several tools like Spy++, OleView etc.)
  • Microsoft Office (including VBA for MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word)
  • Imaging processing software (Adobe PhotoShop, GIMP under Linux)
  • Network debugging software (CommView, TCPNV, etc.)
  • NullSoft NSIS installer, UPX, HTMLHelp, etc.
  • Borland C++ for DOS, TASM, MASM
  • and more


  • installation and configuration of pc hardware
  • networking hardware troubleshooting
  • deep knowledge of computer hardware and processes: CPU, RAM, interrupts, FPU, PCI, ISA, ESCD, PnP, boot process, etc.
  • Non-PC CPUs/microcontrollers: Z80, 8042


26.06.1995General school certificate
19.06.2000System analyst engineer Honours Degree (First-class Certificate) at BSUIR in a speciality "Automated Systems Of Data Processing And Control" Master of Sciences at BSUIR in Computer Science
2003-2004 Brainbench certificates (were available online 2004-2007)
Programming Concepts4.17 (master)
C4.27 (master)
Assembly Language4.25 (master)
MS Windows 2000 Fundamentals4.03 (master)
MS Windows 98 Navigation4.40 (master)
MS Windows 98 Administration4.03 (master)
DOS 6.24.46 (master)
Computer Fundamentals (Win 2000)4.67 (master)
Computer Fundamentals (Win 95/98)4.55 (master)
Internet Concepts4.60 (master)
MS Internet Explorer 6.0 Fundamentals4.82 (master)
May 2005 Retratech
Programming in C++70%
Windows XP90%
Programming in Assembler80%
Internet Fundamentals75%
16.01.2006Master Of Technical Sciences Degree at BSUIR in a speciality "Automated Systems Of Data Processing".
19.08.2008Certificate of Completion "The Windows Installer Services" course by Gad J. Meir, IDAG Ltd.
28.02.2009 Brainbench certificates (were available online 2004-2007)
C++ Fundamentals4.11 (master)


Email addresses and phones are available on request here.

  • Dr. Aliaksei L. Zanin
  • Research & Development team leader Roman L. Zanin, MSc, Check Point, Republic Of Belarus
  • Head of development department, Vadim A. Sosnovsky, MSc, Kosht.Com, Republic Of Belarus
  • Software developer, Denis Y. Lazarev, Republic Of Belarus

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